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‘To boldly go where no man has gone before’.. that’s the statement Star Trek has been saying since the day it first aired. Unfortunately for the latest offering Star Trek Beyond does little to enthral or excite. Instead it’s a run of the mill futuristic action movie with a weak storyline.

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Justin Lin (Fast and Furious) directs the latest film in the Star Trek reboot series. For the most part it’s good but it’s not great. In the opening 20 minutes nothing really happens, it’s quite mundane as the crew gather and go about their daily business. It’s slow at setting the scene although you do see Kirk recording into his captain’s log is feeling ‘lost’ after being captain for a couple of years and starting to think his time flying around the universe is at and end. They are eventually sent on a mission to help aid a crew that has been attacked in the nebula. Needless to say, it’s not all plain sailing and the crew of the Enterprise are taken and Kirk has to abandon ship. It is now a race to save his crew and the federation from an attack that could wipe them all out.

Visually it’s stunning. The costumes and sets are brilliant and you do feel like they are on a completely different planet. This has always been one of Star Trek’s biggest features and it doesn’t disappoint here. Also the soundtrack throughout is awesome. Grand entrance orchestral scores and action filled scenes accompanied with ear bashing music you do feel immersed into the film. You may even think John Williams produced the music it’s that’s good but it is in fact Michael Giacchino. The characters are great, some people complain about Chris Pine but this may be a little harsh. Overall the leading actors and actresses play their parts well and are believable.

Leading onto characters we see two new main ones introduced. The first is Krall (Idris Elba) who his hell bent on killing the federation and everyone associated to it. His character is interesting and very powerful. His appearance changes throughout the film (no spoilers as to why) but its subtle and very good. The makeup designers are very good at their jobs! The second is Jaylah (Sophia Boutella). Her crew were killed by Krall but she managed to escape his clutches and has been hiding out on the planet in on old ship of the federation. She is tenacious and feisty and can certainly hold her own. She is also a dab hand at engineering. Jaylah joins forces with Kirk and looks to help him rescue his crew if he can get her off the planet.

Spock: Fear of death is illogical.

Bones: Fear of death is what keeps us alive.

Everything going well so far except the storyline. Its weak at best and what could have been something really original turned out to be rather drab. Throughout the film you are left asking why does Krall want to eradicate the federation, why them and why so much hatred towards them. You only find out in the last 20 minutes of the film and afterwards it leaves a feeling of ‘is that it?’. Simplicity at its finest on this part for the film and it really lets it down.

It really is a case of what could have been for Star Trek Beyond. The previous two films were more engaging and held its audience far better but its not a bad film, its just not great. Aside from the storyline the films strengths lay in its music score, characters and sets.

Reviewed by Jon Elliott


  • Music score
  • Characters
  • Film sets


  • Weak storyline


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